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Baked Sliced Potatoes

    Source: Vintage Recipes from Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook (c. 1961)[Drawings by Andrew Warhol]


    4 potatoes
    1/4 cp melted butter or margerine
    salt and pepper


    1 - Wash, scrub, and pare potatoes.
    2 - Cut in 1/8 inch slices
    3 - Cover with cold water.
    4 - Let stand few minutes or chill in refrigerator.
    5 - Start oven at moderate (350 degrees F.)
    6 - Grease shallow baking dish.
    7 - To cook, drain potatoes.
    8 - Pat dry between paper towels.
    9 - Spread in a thin layer in prepared baking dish.
    10 - Brush with melted butter.
    11 - Season with salt and pepper and paprika.
    12 - Cover dish.
    13 - Bake 45 minutes.
    14 - Remove cover and bake 15 minutes longer

    Makes 4 servings.

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