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Applesauce II

    Source: Vintage Recipes from The Lily Wallace New American Cook book (c. 1943)


    12 tart cooking apples
    5 tbsp sugar
    1/8 tsp salt


    1 - Wash, peel, core, and quarter apples.
    2 - Putthem in saucepan.
    3 - Half cover with cold water.
    4 - Bring to boil.
    5 - Reduce heat and simmer until tender.
    6 - Stir in sugar and salt.
    7 - Cook 5 minutes more.
    8 - Mash apples with a spoon or force through a sieve.
    9 - Chill.
    10 - If desired, add a little lemon juice, cinnamon, or nutmeg may be added after cooking.

    Serves 6.

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