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Beet and Endive Salad

    Source: Vintage Recipes from Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook (c. 1961)


    1 (No. 303) can small whole beets
    1/2 cp French dressing
    4 heads Belgian endive
    salt and pepper


    1 - Drain beets.
    2 - Slice and pour French dressing over.
    3 - Chill in covered bowl in refrigerator until very cold.
    4 - To serve, wash chilled endive.
    5 - Cut bunches lengthwise in halves.
    6 - Place 2 halves on each salad plate.
    7 - Spoon generous amounts of sliced beets across heavy end of stalks.
    8 - Season lightly with salt.
    9 - Add quick grind of black pepper.
    Makes 4 or more servings.

    To increase number of servingsd and make small appetizer salads,
    separate endive leaves. Arrange 4 to 6 slender spears on each salad
    plate and add a few beet slices.

    Herbed Beet Salad: Combine drained, sliced, cooked or canned beets
    sith thin onion rings. Sprinkle with few grains marjoram or oregano.
    Add French dressing made with tarragon vinegar. Let marinate and
    chill. Drain. Serve on endive spears or lettuce or as garnish around
    other vegetable salad platters.

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