#0018 Frank's Raspberry Chicken Thighs (07/10/01)

Frank's Raspberry Chicken Thighs

3 chicken thighs, skinned
15 or so black raspberries
1 tbsp sugar
1 fresh basil leaf


1 - Smash raspberries in the bottom of a skillet.
2 - Chop and add basil leaf pieces, ad water and heat to boiling
3 - Heat with stirring until reduced to syrup
4 - Place chicken thighs in microwave safe glass dish and pour the syrup over them.
5 - Cover with plastic wrap and marinate for 4 hours or so in the refrigerator. 6 - Stir thighs in marinade to re-coat, then microwave (covered) on high for 8 minutes. Reposition in microwave at 4 minutes.

Comment - The raspberry flavoring will knock your sox off!

Hope you like it!

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Thanx! -- Frank

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